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Social Media Masterclass


Urban Planners

This masterclass is for those who are in the planning field, those who are in school for planning, and those just interested in planning. 


On December 11th at 3 PM I will be doing a masterclass on using social media and building your brand in the Urban Planning field. During this masterclass, I will discuss how you can use social media to build your brand as a planning professional. This will be extremely beneficial for:

  • Defining your brand and purpose

  • Locating sites for content creation

  • Knowing how often to post

  • Using hashtags

  • Growing your followers

  • Reviewing analytic data

  • and more!

The cost of the webinar is $50

If you are unable to attend the masterclass at the designated time, I will be sending out the recording to everyone who purchases masterclass admission.

Further questions should be sent to

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