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Culture In a Community

Communities are what a society thrives on. The wide variety of cultures within different communities creates a melting pot of sorts that spreads throughout the world. Take the city of Los Angeles, for example. The city has culture gleaming through its towns. Chinatown, Little Tokyo, East LA, South LA are all examples of the different cultures that co-exist within the city limits. The diversity found in the city makes it a more welcoming environment allowing residents to embrace their culture and their city simultaneously. This also gives residents more opportunities to learn about different cultures and thus become open to other forms of living. Therefore, residents of diverse communities become more engaged in their community by feeling a sense of belonging.

Culture is influential because it is what makes a community unique. Not only does it make it unique, but it also allows it to be sustainable. This is important because having a shared environment with a strong sense of community will enable people to work together to create a better future, which in turn makes a better future for their community. People are often proud of their home town because of the culture that is found within it -the culture that makes communities feel like home. This plays a significant role in civic engagement. It creates a sense of hospitality and engagement to participate there, and when people find that belonging in their community, they want more involvement. This creates civic participation, and with that comes projects where the constituents get to play a role in the planning process. 

Brennan Professor and UNESCO Chair in Community, Mark. “Importance of Incorporating Local Culture into Community Development.” Penn State Extension, 20 July 2020,

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