Thank you GiGi The Planner for helping me prepare for graduate school, and my future as a planner! Literally every piece of advice you gave me was later reiterated during my orientation. What you’re doing for future black planners is amazing!
- Shaniqua Gibson, Detroit, MI
Thank you GiGi The Planner for giving tips on my resume and helping land a job in the planning field. Your advice and tips gave me a different perspective on how to prepare myself  for interviews. It was really helpful to have your input. Your movement on promoting future black planner in the U.S will excel to a level beyond your expectation.
-John Fred Frederic, Kissimmee, FL
Thank you GiGi The Planner for taking the time to review my resume and statement of purpose for admission into graduate school. Your feedback truly helped me step back and view my application from a different perspective. You asked me questions that I am sure the admissions committee would’ve had that could’ve kept me from being admitted into my dream school. I’ve decided to rewrite my statement of purpose using your tips and look forward to sharing some good news in the next 2 months! 
- Treasure Sheppard, Pasadena, CA
It was so kind of you to guide me ! I’m very thankful to you. I am not sure how I’d do things without your help. I’m glad I found you. I’ll tell my other friends about you so that they can get help from you if there in a position like me. You’re surely a great person! You truly proved empowered woman empowers women! Thank you so much !
-Rutvika Kanani, Ahmedabad, India