What Can You Do With A Degree In Urban Planning?

Having an urban planning degree opens an array of opportunities. There are many jobs that are available with this degree, such as a transportation planner, an urban designer, a sustainability consultant, a civil service administrant, a cultural development worker, or a community development worker. These are just a few examples of the jobs that one can pursue with a degree in urban planning. 

A transportation planner is someone who develops plans and projects to organize mass transit as efficiently and accessible as possible. They study the current transportation patterns and analyze the current transportation systems. After studying, evaluating, and analyzing the current transportation systems, they then come up with plans and projects to create improvements. 

An urban designer designs communities, spaces, buildings, and cities. They create these designs by applying the data that was gathered by an urban planner into their designs. They help shape our communities and usually utilize programs such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and SketchUp.

Another job that some people might want to consider with an urban planning degree is a sustainability consultant. Their responsibilities are to ensure that the company they work for creates projects that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Their mission is to reduce environmental impact such as carbon emissions, toxic pollution, and other environmental issues. 

A community development worker is an interesting profession as well. Their job is to help support troubled communities by guiding them, inspiring them, and supporting them in creating social change that will improve their community. A cultural development worker ensures that the culture of the community is upheld by creating artistic and creative projects that share the knowledge of the culture. 

These are just a couple examples of  jobs that one can attain with a degree in urban planning. There are many other jobs that one can pursue with an urban planning degree, that were not mentioned earlier, such as a housing officer, a water planner, a planning surveyor and more. Nevertheless, if you are pursuing a degree in urban planning, take the time to explore different job opportunities and keep in mind what initially attracted you to the. urban planning field.

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