Housing as a Human Right

There are certain basic rights that every human should have and one of them is housing. Having protection and a roof over our heads is a basic human need that should not get overlooked. Most of the homeless population have mental health issues, substance abuse issues, or they are victims of economic struggles therefore it is hard for them to attain basic housing. Nevertheless, people should have some type of security and be provided with the help they need to improve themselves. To help people with these issues, a basic home should be provided. Once they are provided with a basic home, we can address their needs around their mental health, substance abuse, or other difficulties they may be facing that led them to homelessness to begin with. Living in poverty and lacking resources to move forward creates a struggle to move out of poverty and because of this, a lot of people become homeless. Having a home is more than just shelter. It influences our lives in many ways such as health and safety. People deserve to live with dignity instead there are people living in the poorest conditions. Homeless people lack the basic necessities such as food, clean water, and sanitation resources. Without these basic necessities, they are prone to attain more diseases and other health issues. 

Living in the streets is a form of living that nobody wants to find themselves in. It is inhumane and heartbreaking. Especially during this pandemic, people living in the streets are more prone to having the Coronavirus, and without any proper shelter, it is impossible to control the Coronavirus. This is not only harmful to them but it is harmful to society as a whole since it does expose others as well. In order for situations like these to be avoided, humans should have a right to proper shelter. 

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