The Future of Mobility

The future of mobility strives to include autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility (ACES). Not to mention, many different cities have already fully developed electric vehicles, which have become more prominent. We are currently in an era of technology and a step closer to creating innovative transportation systems; however, some factors need to be addressed. Factors that affect the future of mobility include infrastructure, economics, and technology. To produce innovations, there needs to be a steady economic growth. This is because there needs to be sufficient funds to have advanced technology. Not only that, but if these technological advancements produce autonomous vehicles, buses, rail systems, who will afford it when there is an unsteady economy? With steady economic growth, it will be easier to fund technological advancements and produce affordable transit systems soon. The infrastructure of the neighborhood is also an essential factor for the future of mobility. This is because the road infrastructure and the design of cities shape how future transit systems are designed. For example, to create autonomous vehicles, a big topic in mobility, road design, infrastructure, and geography need to be considered. If an area is frequently under heavy storms, rainy weather, violent winds, or even high temperatures, there needs to be safe transportation innovations that can undergo these extreme weather conditions. Also, to create future mobility innovations, newer technologies should be intact. 

The autonomous vehicle is a topic that attracts many people when talking about the future of mobility. The thought of self-driving cars always creates a sense of awe in people. However, even though the current society has had many technological advancements, the possibility of witnessing an autonomous self-driving vehicle is uncertain. Nevertheless, the present society must still work together to create these advancements. The future of mobility is a topic full of uncertainty; however, it must be considered. 

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