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Aiding the Increase of Black  Planners - One Planner at a Time




Gisla Augustin, Founder/CEO of GiGi the Planner, is a native of South Florida, where she currently resides in the City of West Park. She is an alumni of Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Design with a minor in Geographic Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the age of 21...

Urban Planning Workshop Facilitator

Facilitating urban planning workshops to expose black kids to the field of urban planning 

Urban Planning Career Coach

Providing career coaching for urban planning students and new planning professionals

Planner Gear and Accessories for Sale

This podcast is for urban planners, urban planning students and those interested in the topic of urban planning. The purpose of this show is to have a candid conversation about the ins and out of urban planning; discuss controversial topics relating to urban planning, and much much more. 

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